Pink Fancy Sequins Star and Ribons Wand

Our Fairy Wand with Pink Fancy Sequins Star and Ribons is part of our Jewelry collection, wrapped in velvety satin and decorated with lots of pink sequins.
Pink Fancy Sequins Star and Ribons Wand
Price: $ 8.00
Wand-3: Fairy Wand

A must have for all fairy ballerinas and magical princesses in training (and well seasoned fairy godmothers).

  • Fairy wand is wrapped in velvety satin, and decorated with zillions of pink sequins.
  • Satin streamers drift on delicate breeze,  encouraging  abundant wand waving.
  • Sleek addition to any dress up play collection, or dance costume.
  • Sure to foster hours of creative, imaginative play.
This fancy Sequin Star Wand is the perfect gift for turning frogs into handsome princes this holiday season. Wish upon a star and order today for holiday dreams come true!

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