African American Angel Pull Puppet Ornament 5 inch

Our 5.5 inch African American Angel Pull Puppet is part of our exclusive Pull Puppet collection, flutters wings to bring good tiding, holds candle, illuminate the way into the joys of the season.
African American Angel Pull Puppet Ornament 5 inch
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NPP3-E: Nutcracker Ballet - Ethnic Angel Pull Puppet

Hark, the herald angels sing: heavenly pull puppets on a string!

  • Exquisite hand crafted ethnic angel protects your Christmas dreams and wishes in winter white gown with accents of lavender and celestial gold halo. 
  • Feathery wings provide a delightful surprise-they flutter when you pull the dangling cord!
  • Our special cherub holds a candle, leading the way into the love, peace, and hope of the season.
  • Mounting loop allows you to display this ornament on the wall, over your bed, on the door, or anywhere you may need a little angelic assistance!

Don’t let this beautiful angel fly away! Order now while supplies last.


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6" Tall
Wood and wood parts