M38880 Metal Soldier in Red & Green 17.7"

M38880 Metal Soldier in Red & Green 17.7"
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M38880:   Metal Soldier in Red & Green

This 17.7 inches tall red and green metal soldier, inspired by the German nutcrackers of olde, is eye-pleasing and economical!

  • This cheery chap is positioned for festive fun, decked out in holiday hues of red and green.
  • Sword drawn, he is prepared to overthrow any case of the “Ba-humbug” blues single-handedly.
  • Arms and legs are exaggeratedly thin, adding a cartoonish, yet pleasant touch.
  • The lightweight metal stand allows you to place him anywhere you want to create instant Christmas cheer.

Combine with our Metal Soldier in Red and Blue for a dynamically decorative nutcracker's duo.

*Please Bear in Mind That Photo May Vary Slightly From Actual Item.

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