BAG-002 : Large Ballet Tutu Bag

A pink dance dress bag with embroidered ballerina on the front. The bag looks like a dance dress with a hotpink skirt.
BAG-002 : Large Ballet Tutu Bag
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BAG-002 : Large Ballet Tutu Bag

Unique and ultra pretty, our Large Ballet Tutu Bag is a beautiful way to accessorize the ballet way!

  • Soft and satiny smooth, bedecked with sparkly sequins and hot pink tulle, gorgeous bag will delight any young ballerina.
  • Embellished with a twirling ballerina, in identical tutu with tulle detail.
  • Use as a gift bag and stuff with any of our exceptional ballet gifts!
  • Proudly take to ballet class, and show your love and enthusiasm for the enchanting world of ballet.

Create the most heartfelt gift-giving memories to last a life time with this fun one of a kind bag.

Size (Length)
12 inches
Size (Width)
12 inches
Size (Height)
2 inches
Original Sku
12 x 12 x 2 inch
Satin, Tulle