NPP3-BL: Nutcracker Ballet - Angel Pull Puppet

NPP3-BL: Nutcracker Ballet - Angel Pull Puppet
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NPP3-BL Nutcracker Ballet-Angel Pull Puppet with Blonde Hair
Our lovely Pull Puppet Angel flutters her wings bringing good tidings!
  • Beautifully hand crafted blonde angel protects your Christmas dreams and wishes.
  • Her delicate wings take flight with the pull of the cord.
  • She holds a candle, illuminating the way into the joys of the season.
  • Use her in your holiday décor, as decoration in a Christmas play, or as a wall hanging in your Sunday School classroom for an angelic touch.
We bring you tidings of great joy: This beautiful Christmas angel is under $10, so you can give this celestial delight to everyone on your list!

Original Sku
6" Tall
Wood and wood parts