Nutcracker Drink Danger - What is the Nutcracker Drink and Why Should You Care?

We love Twitter. If you don't follow us on Twitter, why not do it now? If you are a ballet / dance / Nutcracker / holiday themed Twitterer we will probably follow you back!

But one phenomenon that can be annoying to true nutcracker enthusiasts on Twitter, Instagram, and everywhere, is that "nutcrackers" doesn't necessarily mean nutcrackers.

We log in. We look up #nutcrackers so we can "like" everything. There's a Steinbach miner, an Erzgebirge soldier, a Kurt Adler specialty nutcracker that someone loved and just had to share :^). So far so good.

But wait! What are these multi-colored drinks!???

 [Nutcracker Video]

On the surface they look sweet and innocent, like candy. But there's more to meets the eye when it comes to the nutcracker drink. Take a trip with us into the gritty city, as we explore why you should probably warn your kids about this. (And if you're a kid, don't drink 'em, even when you're an adult... please!!!)

We don't want to preach. And we do not intend offense toward those who are happy to get their #nutty #drank on or anybody who's got a nutcracker drink business (though we may not agree with it). 

But we do care about the honor of nutcrackers as an art and a holiday tradition and the safety of our customers, readers, and friends. Therefore, we are speaking out.

This is a public service announcement from Nutcracker Ballet Gifts.