About Us

Our nutcrackers and ballet gifts business started 22 years ago when I danced at Ballet Ventura in California. I was the typical ballet student doing the seasonal Nutcracker. First I was a little mouse and danced my way to being Clara five years later. Being entrepreneurial and the owner of a Souvenir T-Shirt business, my dad created a Nutcracker design for Tee-Shirts and Sweatshirts to be sold at the performance to raise money for the ballet company and voila, a business was born.

Our commitment today is to continue supporting the arts by having the most unique collection of nutcrackers and ballet gifts in one place. We continually search and design new products so that you will have the opportunity to select the best Nutcracker and Ballet Gifts available for your personal needs, whether it be a fundraiser or just to put a smile on a child's face.

Our other commitments are to support youth at risk children to be the best they can be by contributing a portion of our profits to a  program within our local ballet company and a yearly contribution to various Breast Cancer Foundations for continued research for the cure via our 10 and 15 inch Breast Cancer Awareness nutcrackers and mug.

Enjoy the nutcrackers, ornaments, holiday decorations, and all the ballet gifts you find here, as we've delighted in creating them and making them available for you. 

All the best,

Esmee Dorf